Multi-Storage Dry Food Containers

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Use our multi-storage dry food containers to change the way food is stored and stacked in the home. It comes with a removable partition that allows you to store different foods/ingredients in one container or just one. The design of the rotating circular hole and the largemouth help to easily fall over. The base and lid are very transparent so they are easy to store inside. They are easily and efficiently installed in kitchen cabinets, saving space instantly, solving your storage problems and confusion without any hassle. Easy to clean, maintain and friendly to the dishwasher.

These containers are made of high-quality materials to ensure overflow protection. A 100% sealed lid seal with a secure and novel latch that keeps your stored food fresh for a longer period of time.

Rotatable and separable
The sealed tank of the rotating compartment, the selected material, and the sealed design can be rotated and placed.

Multi-faceted locking system with silicone seal. Durable construction, convenient food storage container, 100% airtightness and water tightness.

Keep food dry and safe
The container can hold kitchen essentials such as flour, sugar, rice, nuts, beans, snacks, food, cereals, coffee or tea.

Packaging includes
1 x multi-purpose dry food container

3 compartments: 15.5x13.5cm / 1500ml

4compartments:25x13.5cm / 2500ml


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