High Tree Fruit Picking Tool

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  • This handy tool will allow you to pick those juicy peaches off your tree without climbing a ladder! Fruit picker has a metal basket with fingers that allow you to pick the fruit off its branch. The fruit then rolls into the bottom of the basket where a cushion breaks its fall.

  • Instead of waiting for your fruit to fall from the tree naturally or shaking the tree to make fruit drop, pick the fruit to catch it just at the right point in ripeness.
  • When the fruit falls and hits the ground, it often becomes bruised and damaged -- picking the fruit and carrying it carefully in a bag or bucket typically doesn't hurt the fruit.
  • Picking lets you select which fruits to harvest. Even fruit that's turned the same color might not be the same size, indicating the smaller fruit should stay on the tree for a few more days. Removing the larger fruit helps the tree focus energy on keeping the smaller ones growing.

  • Fruit picker is a useful tool which makes it possible for picking fruits without climbing a ladder, no fruit or tree damage.
  • This picking basket tool just like a Fishing Net for fruit, Easy to use, very convenient and practical for fruit picking.Great tool for orchard workers.
  • Fruit picker is slim, lightweight, convenient and labor-saving, very practical use the teeth of the ring to cut fruit down and gather them in the fruit picker bag.
  • Fruit picking head is suitable for home, orchard, park, farm, garden, etc.
  • Type: Fruit Picker
  • Quantity: 1 pc
  • Material: Metal, Cloth
  • Color: As Shown
  • Diameter: 16.0 cm/6.3”
  • Bag Depth: 20 cm/7.87"
  • Net Weight: 250.0 g/8.8 oz
  • 1* Fruit Picker
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