Expanded Telescopic Hoses

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It's time to get a new hose for all of your lawn and plant watering needs. You want a hose that's durable, long, and kink-free so you don't have to struggle with it.

This Expanded Telescopic hose is just what you need for a hassle-free gardening experience.

  • It is made from lightweight, compact, and expandable material with a tough inner hose and strong outer hose.
  • It has a powerful spray and a kink-free design for extra convenience.

Grab this great deal today for easy outdoor watering!

Every home and garage have a common problem with taps located at a considerable distance from the place it is supposed to be.

But this issue no longer exists as there is a strong yet flexible telescopic water line pipe measuring 50 feet. It functionally extends the water connection from tap to your vehicle and garden for cleaning, watering, etc.

  • With a thick and flexible plastic head, it reaches easily wherever you want it to and wraps in your hands once it is used.
  • It saves times, money and space while offering you by instantly fixing to tap for trouble-free water flow.


  • Before starting to use, please check if there is a little looseness at each threaded joint. If it is, please tighten it first, so as to effectively reduce the water leakage.
  • When using this water pipe for the first time, connect the faucet to one end and the nozzle to the other end, so that the nozzle is in the open state, open the faucet, slowly fill the water, first remove the air inside the tube (ie the nozzle can effluent), then Close the sprinkler, then slowly extend the water pipe to the maximum, then turn off the water, open the sprinkler drain, let it retracts to its original length, and then use it normally; 
  • Connect the water pipe to the faucet, and when the water starts to be discharged, gradually increase the water pressure, the water pipe will automatically extend and complete, and then it can be used through the nozzle; 
  • When you are not using the water pipe, close the faucet, open the nozzle, and remove the water from the water pipe to make it shrink back to the original length.

Please pay attention to the reasonable use and extend the service life of the water pipe: under Water pressure, the water pipe can be fully extended, and even if the water pressure is increased, the water pipe can no longer elongate due to the protection of the outer braided pipe sleeve and does not open. In the case of the nozzle, only the pressure on the inner and outer tubes will be increased. When the pressure is large, the life of the inner and outer tubes will be endangered.

In addition, when the water pipe is not in use, please discharge the water in the tube in time. Otherwise, under the long-term pressure state, even if the faucet is turned off, the inner tube will be elastically deteriorated, affecting the telescopic function! 

  • 3 times an expandable design can be expanded from 16.5m up to 50m (about 175 feet)
  • 7 spraying water modes, full, mist, jet, shower, flat, center, cone, choose the optimal mode you need
  • Wide application, suitable for washing car, watering flowers/vegetables, cleaning windows/floor, etc.
  • Latex tube, wear-resistant, can be stretched or bent
  • Water pressure, 0 - 5 bar Water pressure

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 175ft Expandable Garden Hose Wate Pipe with 7 Modes Spray Gun,
  • 1 x Spray Gun,
  • 1 x English Manual


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