Copy of Weather Proof Anti-Rain Windshield Solution

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Drive Safe In The Heaviest Rain & Wind!

Do you get nervous when it's raining so hard you can't see? This Anti-Rain Windshield Wiper will give you perfect visibility in all weather conditions
It works great for heavy rain, wind, and even snow or mud! Make cleaning bugs and dirt off your windshield effortless. Apply one coating and it will make your windshield completely water & weatherproof for one year.

Easy to apply, simply clean your windshield and rub the wiper over the windshield's surface. Allow it to dry and you will have a waterproof windshield for one year! One wiper application can easily cover any standard windshield.

Main Features::

  • Improve Visibility - This weatherproof solution will make your visibility flawless no matter the weather. It's actually better in heavier rain! It runs right off once you've applied our solution.
  • All-Weather Benefits - Even throughout the winter, any moisture that reaches your windshield will curl up and roll right off. Say goodbye to scraping your windshield of ice.
  • Long-Lasting - Our solution will keep your windshield waterproof for 12+ months! Apply it once a year and enjoy safe visibility guaranteed.
  • Protective Film - The solution forms a chemical bond made for glass. Unlike other silicone-based products, this is an all-natural method that removes itself over time.
  • Easy to use - Simply wet down your windshield and run the applicator over it. Within ten minutes your weatherproof windshield will be ready to go!
  • Universal Application - It works with any vehicle, on any surface. Use it on mirrors, glass or paint on any car, motorcycle or RV!

How To Apply It

1. Clean your windshield with soap and water and let it dry. Eliminate all surface oil and dirt.

2. Using the applicator, squeeze the handle which will open and release coating from the bottom. Wipe the entire surface from top to bottom.

3. After you're done applying the solution, let it dry. We recommend waiting 15 minutes and then use a clean towel or paper towel to wipe the windshield dry.

And you're done! Your windshield will immediately be weather & waterproof!